Meet Our Staff

Director of Strategic Operations

Lorrie Youngs

Lorrie has been serving people living with HIV for over 20 years. Lorrie has a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with a focus on Nursing Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) with a focus on Nursing Management from Penn State University, as well as a Registered Nurse Practitioner certification from Planned Parenthood Federation of American and the University of Pennsylvania.

Lorrie also holds certifications as a HIV Treatment Specialist from the American Academy of HIV Medicine and a Tobacco Treatment Specialist from the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Lorrie has dedicated her career to working with people living with HIV and fighting stigma, discrimination, and identifying and filling gaps in services.

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Donna Hickmott

Donna has been providing direct patient care for over 38 years in Genesee County as a medical assistant and as a certified phlebotomist. Donna completed her associate degree in Applied Sciences from Baker College.

Donna is an expert in performing venipuncture for blood sample testing and collection, in a safe manner paying particular attention to proper techniques as well as sampling other bodily fluids. Donna works closely with the medical staff to assure the correct tests are obtained and samples are not compromised during the collection and storing process.

Donna enjoys interacting with patients and wishes to minimize negative experiences during laboratory testing and in the collection blood samples.

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Benjamin Streby

Ben graduated from Ross Medical School in January of 2019 after finishing his internship at Michigan Health Specialists.

Ben started his career in the medical field working at Convenient Urgent Care. Ben was then hired by Sunshine family as the medical assistant. Ben has worked at Sunshine from the time the clinic first opened and enjoys learning about new medications and treatments for HIV.

Ben enjoys playing Drums, hiking in nature, motorcycling, and of course fatherhood. Ben is usually quick to tell you Dad jokes.

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