Food Assistance

Food Bank/Home Delivered Meals refers to the provision of actual food items, hot meals, nutritional supplements, or a voucher program to purchase food. This also includes the provision of essential non-food items that are limited to the following: Personal hygiene products, Household cleaning supplies, water filtration/purification systems in communities where issues of water safety exist.

What is included in the program?
  • Food Cards for local grocery store
  • Distribution of food at the office
Where are food assistance services available?

You must receive health services from Sunshine Family Care Clinic and live in the state of Michigan.

What if I already receive food assistance?

Ryan White funds are the “payer of last resort”. You must show proof that you have attempted all other options for assistance including Mi Bridges without success. You may be qualify to receive both.

Sunshine Family Care will need to know why you were denied assistance before being accepted into the program.

How do I apply?

If you have a Case or Care Manager, they can assist you with applying for the Ryan White Transportation program. You can also call 810-620-0250 or email

Applications require paperwork to be completed. Program staff are happy to assist you with obtaining all of the information needed to move forward.

Required Documentation for Enrollment:
  • Verification of HIV positive status
  • Ryan White Release of Information
  • Signed Consent for Services
  • Signed food assistance Program Client Agreement
  • Intake Assessment
Recommended Documentation:

A recipt of the purchased food will need to be returned within 2 weeks in order to receive further food distribution.

How do I obtain food cards?

Food Cards are only provided to assist getting food needed for healthy living. Two days’ notice is needed for the Ryan White team to secure food card. You may inform your Case or Care Manager (or another provider) and they can let us know.

Unallowable costs include: household appliances, pet foods, and other non-essential products.

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